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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the Bidgunner.com How it works video HERE

If you are having problems, you may also want to look at our Troubleshooting page.

Our Products

All our products are brand new; unless specifically delineated on the auction page.  They are great brands you already know and love.  Firearms are shipped from a bona fide dealer and follow any and all Federal and/or State regulations.


 Registration is FREE and easy.  You must be 21 years of age or older and a resident of the United States.  Registration and payment information must match.  Please note that the name that is registered must be the transfer name.

Why do I need to buy bids?

In order to participate in the auction, you need to have bids to place in the auction. 

How do I purchase bids?

You are given 5 free bids when you register; with no obligations. After using those free bids, in order to start bidding you need to buy a bid pack.

You can purchase a bid package on the Buy Bids page. Simply login and click the Buy Bids button at the top right of the screen.  You can pay securely with most major credit cards and bids are instantly credited to your account.

What does it cost to buy bids?

Bids range from 70 cents to 90 cents per bid depending on the size of the bid package that you purchase.  We accept most major credit cards and bids are instantly credited to your account.

 Are your products new?

 Yes, all of our products are new; unless otherwise specified clearly on the Auction page. 

 I won an auction, what happens next?

 Congratulations! First, you will receive an e-mail confirming your winning bid. You will also see your won auction in the my account/auctions I won section when you login.

You can pay for your auction win through the link in the email notification or through the my account section when you login.  Just go to the auctions I won area and you will see the words get prize. Just click your mouse on the words get prize and you will be prompted to the check out.

If you win a firearm, user registration and the person taking delivery must match (must be exactly the same person) or delivery will be denied.  

Where do the Firearms come from?

 All firearms are shipped direct from a bonafide firearm dealer.

How does it work when I win a firearm?

 Firearms are regulated by Federal and State Laws.  Any federal and/or state law pertaining to your purchase must be strictly followed. You are responsible for passing the background check and being able to complete the purchase.  Once you pay for your won auction, you will need to find a dealer who can legally receive the product. You will need to pay that dealer the transfer fee and fill out the necessary documentation in order to receive the product.  If for any reason you are unable or ineligible to receive the firearm, the dealer will have to return the item.  You are responsible for the cost of the return.  If you do not pay it, that cost will be debited from you outstanding wins prior to their shipment and your account may be suspended.  If you are not eligible to purchase a firearm, please do not bid on those auctions as no bids will be refunded.


What if I bid on an auction and don't win?

 Everybody wants to win, but if you don't your bids aren't lost if you use our "Buy It Now" (BIN) option. Each bid you place gives you 50 cents of credit towards the retail price of the item . Once the auction is over or you decide that you are done bidding, just click the "Buy Now!" button on the auction screen. The retail price and your bid credit is always shown there while you are logged in. Once you select the "Buy It Now" option you will be taken to our secure checkout page, where you can pay any remaining amount for the item after the bids you placed are credited.

 PLEASE NOTE: You can only use the value of your placed bids up to the product value. If the value of your placed bids is higher than the product value, then the bids in excess of the product value cannot be counted towards Buy It Now. The Buy It Now purchase price can never be below zero.

 You can buy the product using the Buy it Now feature at any time after placing your first bid on the product, and up to 48 hours following the auction closing time.

 When you decide to buy the product you will no longer be able to take part in the auction, and any Bid Butlers you have placed on that auction will be cancelled and the remaining Bid Butler bids returned to your bid account. The auction will continue uninterrupted for all other users.

 Bidgunner.com reserves the right to substitute an agreed upon firearm or a certificate  for the Buy Now feature if the orders for a firearm exceed our stock. If you prefer to receive a certificate instead of your win and the item is in stock, the certificate will be for 85% of the total of the item price plus shipping cost. You must notify Bidgunner within twenty-four (24) hours of the auction close to exercise this option.

If you do not win an auction and choose not to exercise the Buy It Now option, your spent bids are non-refundable.


 Can I return a purchased product?

 All sales are final. Inspect your firearm prior to removing it from the ffl dealer.  If it is defective, leave it with the ffl dealer and contact Support@Bidgunner.com.  Arrangements will be made for the return of the firearm and a replacement will be sent.  Firearms may only be returned if they have a manufacturer defect.  


 What are the different types of auctions?

Standard auctions start at a zero and increase by a penny with each bid. Should the increase be great than a penny it will be clearly indicated on the auction detail page. For example some auctions may increase by 2, 5, 10 cents or more per bid depending on the auction setup and prize but the increment will always be clearly indicated.

Featured auctions are for firearms.  These items will include rifles, handguns and shotguns.  If you have a criminal record, will not pass the background check or are ineligible to have and/or own a firearm, please do not bid on these auctions as you will not be refunded bids and/or other applicable fees.

 Rookie auctions are for bidders who have not won an auction before. (Please note that Bidgunner's software allows a 24-hour grace period after somebody's first win when they can still bid on rookie auctions, this prevents them from losing bids they may have placed on an ongoing auction.)

How does the Bid Butler work?

 The Bid Butler is an automated bidder that can bid for you.  When you set the bid butler is set, it is set on the Bidgunner.com and it will bid for you in your absence. 

 The Bid Butler automatically bids for you each time someone else places a higher bid. Your Bid Butler will begin bidding once the auction price is equal to or higher than the price you set it to start at (for example, if you set it to start at $10.00 the first bid will be placed once the auction price is $10.00, not when it is $9.99). The Bid Butler will automatically stop bidding when the bid butler runs out of bids or the auction closes. Your Bid Butler will only bid when you do not have the highest bid. 

Please note that if you set multiple bid butlers and they overlap, you can cause them to bid against each other.


 How do I set up a Bid Butler?

On the auction detail page just enter the price you want the Bid Butler to start bidding and the total number of bids you wish for the Bid Butler to place. Then click the "Activate" button to save your settings and activate your Bid Butler.  It is wise to check your bid butler in the My Account/Bid Butler section to make sure it is correct. You can delete it in that section.


How do I remove the bid butler?

 To adjust a bid butler once it is activated, go to the Bid Butler tab in the my account section.


 What happens when many Bid Butlers are competing on the same auction? 

 All Bid Butlers will take turns bidding.

Why is my bid butler bidding more frequently that other people's bid butlers?

The bid butler begins bidding when the price you set is crossed.  If you set multiple bid butlers and the first bid butler has not run out of bids when the second price you set is crossed, your second bid butler will begin bidding; even though the first bid butler is not out of bids.  If this occurs, you will bid against yourself.  Please check the bid butler tab in the my account section to verify that you do not have bid butlers that will overlap.

 How many auctions can I win?

 To assure a fair and unbiased site, Bidgunner reserves the right to limit the number of won auctions per account to 3 long guns,2 hand guns and 12 non-firearm items per 30 days rolling.


There are four categories of auctions.  Rookie, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

 Rookie auctions are marked with a picture of a pacifier on the home page.  Rookie auctions are for those who have never, on any previous day, won any auction on Bidgunner.com; including bid packs.

 Gold Auctions are for rifles and/or shotguns, Silver Auctions are for handguns and Bronze Auctions are for non-firearm items. Buy Now items are excluded from the Gold, Silver and Bronze win limits as they have no limits. 

Any single user is limited to winning three (3)  rifles and/or shotguns (Gold Auctions), two (2) handguns(Silver Auctions), and twelve (12) non-firearm items (Bronze Auctions) in any rolling 30 day period. Buy Now items do not count toward your win limit.  If you've already reached your win limit, you should be automatically excluded from bidding. However, if you are not excluded by the system, it is your responsibility to know not to bid and stay within the win limits listed above.  Bid butlers set prior to reaching win limits need to be removed as they will not be excluded from bidding.  If you or your bid butler bid after reaching your win limit, your bids will not be refunded. If you win an auction after reaching your win limit, you will not be granted the win and you will not receive the item.  Anyone who violates the win limits may be temporarily or permanently suspended from use of Bidgunner.com.   Any win limits are subject to change at the sole discretion of Bidgunner.com. 


The timer went to zero but nothing happened. Is something wrong?

 The timer could go to zero and appear to stop if your connection to the Internet has an interruption and does not receive information from our server.

 It could happen if someone has won the auction.  Simple wait a few seconds and the information will refresh to reflect the auction status.  It is also possible that your internet connection has experienced a temporary interruption. In this case refreshing or reloading the page would rectify the issue.

 Note that for the best performance or if you should notice timer issues it is important to remember that your bandwidth or how much you are using your internet connection for other activities is likely the cause.


Why does the timer reach 00:00:00 before the auction has ended?

 All bids are governed by the servers at Bidgunner.com. When a bid is received before the auction time on the servers reach 00:00:00, our servers accept the bid, verify it, and then send a signal to all current users.  There can be a slight delay for this to occur.

 To avoid any issues we recommend using the latest internet browsers and reducing the number of plugins or add ons that may be installed.

 You must also factor in the time it takes for bids to reach our servers. In order to allow all users the same opportunity to bid, our servers will wait for an additional few seconds for any placed bids to reach our servers and close the auction.


My auction timers stop constantly and I have issues placing bids. What can I do about it?

 Due to the constant communication with the Bidgunner.com servers to manage the auction timers and bids, some wireless or satellite internet connections are not stable enough to deliver acceptable use of the Bidgunner.com auction site.

 Please try the rebooting your wireless modem to see if the connection quality improves. Some of our customers use the Bid Butler when the connection quality is bad. Bid butlers are registered and run on the server, so you can bid regardless of your connection quality.

Remember, bidding is doing business over the internet.  Any time you do business over the internet, you are subject to internet lag.  Internet lag can be due to your connection but it can also be due to bad weather, internet traffic, you power company, your ISP, other web pages or programs you are utilizing and multiple other reasons.   We do not recommend single bidding with less than 3 seconds on the clock as this can cause your bid to be received by the server after the auction has closed.  If this occurs, you will get a ‘Bid Not Valid’ error. 


What if I live in a city or state that has restrictions on what kind of guns I can own?

If you win an item that is not compliant with your state laws, Bidgunner.com, at our option, will substitute a different firearm or gift certificate for the retail price of the item plus shipping.


What if I am not sure if a firearm is state compliant?

If you need to check to see if a firearm is compliant with your state, you can look at the state firearm registration, call the local authorities or try asking a local ffl dealer. Employees of Bidgunner.com are not equipped to answer the state laws for you.


What is your policy when you are having technical difficulties?

 In the unlikely event that a technical issue occurs on Bidgunner.com, the auction will be reviewed and possibly invalidated.  If the auction is invalidated, all bids placed will be refunded. 

 Should an auction be paused, it will be clearly indicated that it is paused and in such a case the remaining time for the auctions, the current bidding price and the current highest bidder will be recorded. After the disruption has been resolved, the auctions will be continued and 10 minutes will be added to the remaining times for the auctions.