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How it works

Watch the How it Works video HERE.



Registering and bidding couldn't be any easier.   As a reminder, if YOU can't own a firearm, or if firearms are illegal in your community, you cannot bid on, win, or purchase a firearm on this site.   All firearms are shipped from a Federal Firearms Licensee ("FFL") to a local FFL near you.   Your local FFL will return the firearm to us if the firearm is not allowed in your community.   Further, the local FFL will require you to complete the normal paperwork ATF Form 4473 and complete an NICS E-check online to verify that you are eligible to own a firearm.   So please do NOT bid on a firearm unless you know whether or not you are able to own it legally!!     Now on to the fun part, time to start bidding and saving 100's of dollars on your purchases!

1. Register -- it’s free to register, and your information is never shared with anyone (read our Privacy Policy)

2. Buy Bids -- Purchase a package of bids that suits your needs.    There are many strategies, but it is a good idea to buy bids in larger bid packs to lower your average bid price.  The more you buy - the cheaper the bids.

3. Place your Bids -- Look over the current auction items, add items to your personal "watch list" (or not).   Click the "Bid" button on the items you want, and you increase the auction price by 1 Penny (yes, $0.01!!!) -- YOU TRULY CAN BUY GREAT PRODUCTS FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.   Remember, though, that each bid you place is a bid you've purchased (Read our FAQ's to learn tips and tricks that lead to a successful purchase for you).   As the auction timer approaches ZERO, each new bid increase the final clock by 10 seconds - much like a live auctioneer saying "Going, going.... gone."   Be sure and try our "Rookie" auctions before you bid on higher ticket items.   Rookie auctions are limited only to those bidders that haven't won an auction.   Once you win, you're not a Rookie anymore!   These auctions help you learn the techniques that lead to successful strategies on bigger items.   With practice, strategy, and patience, you'll soon be buying the products you want at unbelievably low prices.    Too good to be true?   Maybe, but see how we do it here.

4. Win the Auction -- If you are the high-bidder when the auction closes, you are the winner.